As you can probably guess, at Tech Marketing Buffalo we love our Tech Blogs and have cultivated the absolute best top 10 tech blogs you should visit. These are all blogs we read regularly to keep up to date on tech news and get inspiration for this blog. Do you have a favorite tech blog that’s not listed here, if so let us know and we’ll check it out!


Mashable has one of the largest networks of viewers with over 20 million visitors a month and 6 million followers on social media. They update constantly with blogs on social media, entertainment, news, lifestyle and more. This is the perfect site for any techie, as well as, for the general public.

mashable tech blog


TechCrunch is a website focused on reviewing new online products, reporting tech news, and profiling new startup companies. Every month they have 12 million visitors and 37 million page views. Part of their website, CrunchBase, is a public database with information about startup companies, people and investors. It has become a leading resource for technology companies.



GigaOM started in 2006 with a single writer. Though it is not the biggest tech blog out there it has grown drastically in size and now has 12 writers and 5.5 million viewers a month. GigaOM is devoted to keeping its audience up to date on the latest in the tech industry and providing good quality research for entrepreneurs, marketing professionals and executives. They also host events that are great for networking and sharing ideas.

gigaom tech blog


Engadget is focused on writing product reviews and reporting worldwide news.  They do an excellent job of keeping their audience up to date on what is going on in the tech world.  They started as a web property but now also cover mobile devices and live events.

engadget tech blog 2013


Wired is one of the larger tech blog sites with 14 million viewers a month. It is focused on new ideas, products, science, business, and design and how these innovations are changing the world today. This is a really interesting site to subscribe to and follow for interesting news.

wired tech website

HuffPost Tech

HuffPost Tech is a section of the well-known online news blog, Huffington Post. HuffPost Tech that has become a very popular place to get up to date information about the tech world. They share photographs, videos as well as news articles with their viewers to provide continuously updated entertainment.

huffington post tech-235fa


Ubergizmo loves writing about electronics and technology. While they are incredibly knowledgeable, they try to write in a way that the general public can understand and relate to. They cover technology conferences and provide reviews on tons of products. They publish in 3 different languages and are read widely around the world.

uber gizmo tech news and blog

The Verge

The Verge is partnered with Vox Media. It covers science, technology, art and culture with breaking news stories and product reviews. The site features written articles as well as video clips and podcasts.

the verge news tech featured


CNET is a blog that will help you find the best tech products and help you to use your products effectively. They provide reviews, tools and information about all kinds of tech related topics. They have podcasts, articles, videos and downloadable apps and software. They also have public forums for people to post their own personal reviews and opinions.

cnet reviews tech articles 6-13-asdf


Gizmodo is a blog that provides up to date information on the tech industry. They report on new electronics and any other tech related news. Many of their writers have sense of humor making the articles entertaining to read. The site is divided into 5 sections, How-2, Watch This, Soundtrack, hacking and art.

gizmodo tech blog news


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