Top 10 Marketing Companies In New York

New York are home to the largest city in the United States and chalk full of marketing companies.  The list below covers the best companies based out of New York City.  Whether you own a small establishment or an investment banking firm you need marketing to help grow your business.  The companies below provide a full range of services from brand management to fundraising to social media relations.

The concept of marketing was developed by Italian economist Giancarlo Pallavincini in the mid 20th century. It was used as a tool to help sell and find a niche where one can provide a service or product that is needed. Think of NYC, the largest city in the United States, has millions of markets that are untapped and waiting for someone to explore and define.

If there is no market currently for a product or a service you want to provide, make one. Consider Sheri Schmelzer, who came up with Jibbitz, little pins that fit into Crocs. From those tiny little insignificant pins she amasses a company worth 10’s of millions of dollars. Find your market, and if it isn’t there, create one.

1. New York Marketing Firm

This company is dedicated to marketing your company’s brand name. They strive to be personable and pride themselves in their innovative ideas, excellent client service, and success in their marketing abilities. New York Marketing Firm not only has an office in New York city, but also in Washington D.C., Boston, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New Haven.


2. Red Ten NYC

This company provides affordable marketing for fundraising, entertainment, telecommunications and financial services. They guarantee return on investment. Companies with no marketing budget can still benefit from their services due to this guarantee.


3. Razorfish

Razorfish is based in Austin, but has an office in NYC.  This company focuses on digital advertising and marketing. Razorfish is dedicated to making multi-channel digital experiences that transfer perfectly onto any computer, phone or tablet. They focus on the specific needs and interests of the consumer so as to ensure the consumer does not block out the communications as they do most advertising efforts.


4. New York American Marketing Association

This is an organization of marketing professionals that allows people to gain advice from the leaders in the field. It provides resources and trends to those trying to improve their marketing abilities. This is an excellent resource!


5. Lead Dog Marketing Group

This is a full service marketing agency based in NYC. They do all kinds of marketing, including experiential, branding, sports, media, and non-profit.


6. Marketing Eye New York

Marketing Eye New York works with small and medium size businesses. Their focus is to help businesses grow. Marketing Eye New York is an experienced marketing firm that paves the path showing you how to get your business to grow in today’s society.


7. EQ New York

EQ New York works with clients to identify their intended audience and come up with strategies for marketing and advertising. They are a leader in marketing and sales expertise. EQ New York always keeps the client in mind and consults with the client throughout the process.



BBMG is a brand innovation studio. They uniquely combine branding, sustainability, technology and social purpose. Their focus is on change, breaking into new markets, discovering new products and services and creating new experiences.


9. Drum Marketing Communications

Drum Marketing Communications is a marketing and public relations company. They focus on start up companies trying to get into the market.


10. Ironpaper

Ironpaper is an online marketing company focused on website design, branding, social media, SEO and web business strategy. They work to integrate their work easily into your business model and exceed your business goals.


Do you know of better marketing companies in New York City?  Let us know in the comments below!

Featured image credit: Terabass