Secret Snapchat Effects & Tips | Hidden Black & White, Sepia

There are tons of secret Snapchat effects and tips that the creators of Snapchat keep hidden in the app. These include black and white, sepia, negative, pastel colors, etc. With these secret Snapchat tips you can take some awesome photos with the Snapchat app and create awesome effects that your friends will be super jealous of.

I’ll break down all known Snapchat tips to date and how to use them on your Snapchat app.


Snapchat effects black and white

With this Snapchat effect you can turn your Snap into an old time black and white photo. You simply take a photo with Snapchat and tap in the center of the screen. This will bring up the ability to type a comment. Simply type “B&w…” without the quotes and the photo will turn black and white. You can then change the text to whatever you want or just delete the text.

Snapchat Tip – white color pen

To use the white crayon secret Snapchat, you take a photo with snapchat and tap the pencil at the top right. This will bring up a rainbow color bar that you can choose the color to write in. Put your finger on the color bar and without bringing your finger up from the screen slide it completely to the left. It will change the color to white and you can now draw with the white crayon.

Snapchat effects black color pen

To write with the Snapchat black color you follow the same procedure as above. You take a photo, tap on the pen and put your finger on the color bar, then drag your finger without lifting up all the way to the left and then all the way to the bottom. This will make the black pen Snapchat effect.

Sepia brown color pen

The next Snapchat tip is to use the brown color pen to write on your Snap. Take a photo and press the pen at the top right. Hold your finger down on the color bar and without bringing your finger up, slide your finger to the left and 3/4 the way down. This will make the brown color pen. Make sure you don’t bring your finger all the way to the bottom or else this will turn the pen black.

snapchat-effects-secretSnapchat effects sepia filter

To create a sepia filter on your Snap follow this Snapchat tip. Take the photo and tap the center of the screen to bring up the text bar. Then type “Sepia…” without quotes and it will instantly turn your photo into sepia. You can then delete the text and type whatever you want.

Snapchat negative filter

To create a negative filter on your Snap, take the photo, tap the center and type “Negative…” without the quotes. This will turn the Snap negative and then you can replace the text with whatever you want.

Snapchat effects best friends

You can see other people’s best friend list if you are friends with them. Simply go to your Snapchat contact list and choose anyone on that list, click their name and the top 3 people they Snapchat with will be listed. This is a combination of how many Snaps they send and receive from that given person.

Snapchat has quickly grown into one of the most popular and fun apps on the market. These effects and tips only help to really make Snapchat one of the greatest and most useful apps around. Filters were made popular by Instagram. Most people use Instagram because they look forward to posting pictures overlaid with some quirky filter for their friends. Other sites jumped on that bandwagon like Google+ and Vine to allow filters as well. Snapchat is a new kind of app and really benefits from filters and effects in a way that the other apps don’t. So, if you really enjoy the filters and effects on those other apps, then you will love them on Snapchat!

Know of any other secret Snapchat effects and tips that we should know of? Do you think it’s useful to use black and white, sepia, negative, different color pens, etc? Leave a comment below if you find any other new Snapchat effects