How To Logout of Netflix on Wii

You can logout of Netflix on Wii with a few simple steps below. The tricky part is Wii didn’t make it intuitive to sign out of Netflix without knowing previously how to do it.

I’ll walk you through a quick and easy method to logout of Netflix on Wii. A great aspect is that all of your Netflix information such as viewing history and more are stored on the Netflix servers so you won’t loose all that data if you choose to sign in later on.

Logout of Netflix on Wii

To logout of Netflix on Wii follow the steps below in order. Remember, you can always sign in again after following the steps below.


1. Make sure your Wii is turned on and choose the Wii button which is at the bottom left portion of your TV screen.

2. Then navigate to the main menu and click on the system settings.

3. From there select Data Management, which will bring you to the screen where you can manage all of your stored date.

4. Select Saved Data as the Wii Netflix information is on the stored data.

5. Next select Wii and then Netflix.

6. You will see an option to erase the Netflix stored data. Erase the date and that will logout of Netflix on Wii. Basically by erasing your account and login.

If you want to sign in to a different Netflix account you can always go to the Netflix app on your Wii and it will ask you to sign in. You can use the same information as before or use a different Netflix login on Wii.

Have any other tips to logout of Netflix on Wii? Have you had trouble trying to find the sign out button that doesn’t exist? Maybe we can get Wii to make it more clear and easy to sign out of the apps, but I think Wii’s main purpose is to keep everything logged in so that you don’t have to mess with it every time.

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Let us know if the steps above don’t work for you or if you have other logout tips for Netflix on Wii. For more information about Netflix on Wii visit