Kik sign up is easy and fast and free on your Android or iPhone, getting you online and using Kik in just minutes. A ton of people I know have signed up for Kik recently, as it has grown incredibly fast to over 90 million online users. Best of all, Kik Messenger is free and easy to use, which is another reason it has been so popular.

The Kik app is available for Android and iPhone devices only, however, below I will show you how to sign up online for free.

Kik Sign Up Android & iPhone

To sign up for Kik you need to first download the app on your smartphone. Go to the App Store and download the free app online. Once downloaded, you can sign up for an account with Kik.

1. Open the Kik app and tap “Create New Account.”

2. Enter in your first and last name.

3. Choose a username (check out this Kik username article for ideas) and enter it into the next space.

4. Type in your email address, which has to be a valid email address.

5. Choose a password and enter it into the box.

6. Now, choose a photo for your account by clicking the camera in the upper left corner and either choose an old photo or take a new photo.

7. Hit the register button and that’s it, you are signed up for Kik!

Kik sign up online with emulator

Currently, Kik does not allow you to sign up online, however you can get around that by downloading an Android emulator such as BlueStacks. Once you’ve downloaded and installed BlueStacks, you can install Kik for free online on your PC.

At that point, sign up for Kik as if you were on an Android device and use the steps above. Kik sign up is easy and free if you have a smartphone, but to sign up online there are a few more steps.

This post will also give you great insights and tips to get Kik on your PC.

Know of any other great Kik sign up tips, if so leave a comment online in the comment section below.


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