Kik Online Messenger: Mac or PC

Want to chat on Kik online using your Mac or PC? Kik messenger is built for mobile devices and can be used with iOS, Android, Windows phones, Blackberrys, etc. But, what do you do if you want to use Kik online wherever you are?

With the tips below, you can chat with your friends via Kik online without ever having to pick up a smartphone or tablet.

Note that the tip below will allow you to use Kik online but there may be some bugs and the interface may not be the exact same as on your smartphone or mobile device. Also, remember that you need to have a Kik account and sign in to Kik. As of now, there is no Kik online sign up.

BlueStacks App Player

Therefore, you must download the app at some point so that you can sign up for a Kik account on the app, then you can use Kik online. Kik may decide to eventually offer their own online platform to use Kik, but thus far there has been no mention of working on it.

Steps to use Kik online messenger

1. You need to install an emulator, which is a program that will mimic the Android operating system on your computer. The one I recommend is BlueStacks.

2. Download and install BlueStacks. It comes in a Mac and PC version.

3. Once installed, open the program.

4. Click on the search icon at the top to the right of “1-Click Sync” and search for Kik Messenger.

5. Install Kik Messenger. If you haven’t done so already, you will need to sync BlueStacks with your app store in order to install and use Kik.

6. After installing, go to Kik and start chatting with your friends. That’s it!

Note, you can also use BlueStacks to install and play any app that you like, it does not have to be limited to Kik.

Kik Online Messenger Alternatives Free

BlueStacks is a wonderful way to use Kik on a Mac or PC. However, some of you may be skeptical about downloading and obtaining a third party software to use Kik. In this case, you can choose one of the other great options to using similar instant messengers on Mac or PC. One of these is Google Hangouts which is a great way to communicate with your friends and is completely free. You can download it on your phone or on your tablet and on a computer, you can just open it in your browser for free. You can video chat, group video chat, instant message, group chat, share files, share media and so much more. The other great option is Skype which is a well known option and you have to download the app to your desktop and can instant message for free as well as video chat and call landlines, but that costs extra. Here’s a little more detail and a review about these.

Google Hangouts is one of Google’s better innovations in the past two years next to, say Glass which is a pretty awesome product, for better or for worse. Hangouts is a lot of things, so I’ll just call it a multimedia messenger, and with that, Google may have created an entirely new category. By being late to the baseball game in the industry, Google has had time to study, mimic, and improve upon some of the best qualities of some of the top instant messengers and video conferencing software out there. For example, Hangouts will allows you to video chat with not just one, but up to ten people at a time, for free! And it allows you to do all of the same instant and group messaging functions that you may be familiar with from Kik online messenger. What separates Hangouts from Skype is that you don’t need to download anything extra to your desktop if you want to use it on your Mac or PC. You just need to open up your browser and you can either go to the Hangouts website, or you can easily access it from Google Plus or Gmail. While you’re in, you can video chat, instant message, group chat, share files and share media. One cool trick is watching YouTube videos in real time with your friends and sharing screens. Hangouts is truly one of the best alternatives to the lack of an official Kik online messenger.

One other valued and often overlooked free alternative to Kik online messenger is Facebook Messenger. People often forget that it exists, I expect, because technically, anyone who has a Facebook account also has a Facebook Messenger account. Messenger is a lot more integrated with Facebook proper than Hangouts is with Google. If you have ever sent a private message to someone on Facebook, then you have used Facebook messenger online. If you ever see those little grey boxes pop up at the bottom of your Facebook page, then you are using Facebook messenger online. If you log in to your Facebook account and are irritated by the large pane on your right hand side showing who’s online and who’s offline, then you’re using Facebook Messenger. Now, this does not mean that you’re an active user. There is a standalone app that perfectly syncs with your online messenger now, if you didn’t know. And it’s all free to use. Facebook Messenger is most like Kik online messenger because it does not have video messaging, so the developers can focus on your instant messaging and group chat experience unlike Skype and Hangouts which have multiple video features.

Try these and let us know what you like best if you choose not to go the route of getting an Android emulator.

Do you have any suggestions on how to use Kik messenger online? If so, leave them below.

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      You can try a different Android Emulator, such as YouWave or the Official Android Emulator.

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