Want to chat on Kik online using your Mac or PC? Kik messenger is built for mobile devices and can be used with iOS, Android, Windows phones, Blackberrys, etc. But, what if you want to use Kik online wherever you are.

With the tips below, you can chat with your friends via Kik online without ever having to pick up a smartphone or tablet.

Note, the tip below will allow you to use Kik online but there may be some bugs and the interface may not be the exact same as on your smartphone or mobile device.

Also, remember that you need to have a Kik account and sign in to Kik. As of now, there is no Kik online sign up.

BlueStacks App Player

Therefore, you must download the app at some point so that you can sign up for a Kik account on the app, then you can use Kik online. Kik may decide to eventually offer their own online platform to use Kik, but thus far there has been no mention of working on it.

Steps to use Kik online messenger

1. You need to install an emulator, which is a program that will mimic the Android operating system on your computer. The one I recommend is BlueStacks.

2. Download and install BlueStacks. It comes in a Mac and PC version.

3. Once installed, open the program.

4. Click on the search icon at the top to the right of “1-Click Sync” and search for Kik Messenger.

5. Install Kik Messenger. If you haven’t done so already, you will need to sync BlueStacks with your app store in order to install and use Kik.

6. After installing, go to Kik and start chatting with your friends. That’s it!

Note, you can also use BlueStacks to install and play any app that you like, it does not have to be limited to Kik.

Do you have any suggestions on how to use Kik messenger online? If so, leave them below.


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