Want to find Kik usernames and usernames to connect? This is the place for you. This page is meant for you to share and make new Kik friends, however we require that the comments and use of this page to be PG, no adult conversations or inappropriate comments.

Everyone is welcome to connect with people and make the Kik community more open. Note that you are welcome and encouraged to share a comment with your Kik username on this page, but realize if you post your username you may get some Kik users sending you a lot of messages, especially if you’re a girl.

Kik is a great tool to chat with your friends and connect with people without ever having to pay the text messaging fees or overage fees. Basically just download the app and start connecting with people. The other people must have the Kik app to be able to message them too.



If you’re interested in sharing kik username, leave a comment below noting that you are interested in sending Kiks. If you want, let people know your gender, age, preferences and interests.  Let people know whether you are bisexual or homosexual and who you’re interested in Kiking with.

Kik Texting

To text with Kik you simply download the app, register for Kik and start connecting with people. It is very similar to iMessage or AIM or any other instant messaging device.

It’s never good when you get people who cross boundaries and make people feel uncomfortable. Be respectful of people’s own wishes and don’t push anyone to do anything they don’t want to do.

Kik Username Share

If you’re interested in sending  Kik messages, leave your Kik username in the comments section below and start Kik messaging! Let me know if you want your Kik username to be taken off, I will promptly remove your Kik username.

If you’re interested in finding more Kik usernames, visit the TMB article with over 1000 Kik usernames!

Leave  Kik Usernames below for Chatting!

If you’re interested in using Kik for PC this TMB article explains how to download and install Kik on your computer.

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