1. Raj says

    When i click on register it says : This is taking too longer try again a bit.
    I tried several times but it always shows same.

  2. Robin Armock says

    For all the parents that have no clue about this app it just a way for older adults to be able to talk to and get your child to do things that are inappropriate……. This site should not allow minors on without the consent of the parents and it should cost money if said minor wants an account on this site. My daughter was texting and because of things that were said she has a lot of problems with depression and suicide. I thank the site for not being smart about the fact that these are kids and they don’t know how to handle the real world yet.

  3. Azmath says

    How els can i get kik on my iPad ????? Because i got my AppStore blocked so i cant dounload it from the AppStore

  4. THEiPhoneLover says

    I downloaded kik on my blackberry bold 9780 but it just gave me that network error. But ui really need it despretaley.

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