• HonduranPrincess

    can we download kik without the android simulator ?

    • Tnace10

      You need a simulator. If you don’t want to download software you can use Manymo, which is an online based emulator

  • lexi

    how do you login without downloading it

  • kimberly

    it wont let me go on without downloading it

  • tony

    why we cant get in

    • chris

      i dont know

  • lilmissprettygurl

    i dont know how to do this

  • lilmissprettygurl

    help don’t know how to download on computer

  • nyaira


  • shazc1


  • kyladavi

    ho do we login to kik on the computer with out dowloding it

  • tyla

    how can u login on the laptop without downloading it?!?!

  • BAE

    how do u log in with out a phone I need to know as fast as possible

  • BAE

    lilmissprettygurl this dose not give u vireses my friend has it

  • Lovely Eddy

    am looking for u

  • sarah

    If we can’t use kick online why use it at all its a great communication app but kids have been kidnapped from using that app people need to pose at their self instead of who they wanna be

  • Brianna Porter

    this is bullshit

  • butt

    how do u login with out downloading it

  • Nichol Funderburk


  • NOUR


  • starr

    grrrrr u should not have to down lode kik to get on it online