• nicole

    can we get on kik on your cumputer with out downlowding it on your cumputer ??

    • karla


    • maggie

      do u know how to get kik on your laptop or computers??

    • nonE

      *computer *without *downloading

    • carolanne

      thats what i hvae tried to do

    • http://techmarketingbuffalo.com/ Trevor Nace

      There’s currently no way to get Kik on computer without a download. Hopefully it’ll come in the future.

    • ella


    • danny

      i dont know do u

  • landie

    yea can we

    • Sharkiesha


  • Jairell

    how do u do it??

  • MzzThickie

    how can I download kik on my laptop..??

  • Sammy

    how can you get kik online without downloading it o-o?

  • Raj

    When i click on register it says : This is taking too longer try again a bit.
    I tried several times but it always shows same.



    • kk

      it means you have no internet conection

      • montana

        what? how do I login to kik online

  • Kiyana

    I love kik because you can text your friends from it so that the reasons I love kik and downlowding

  • maria

    make a login website pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee

  • marzaz

    how can you get on kik with out download on computer

    • taytay10

      how can you get on kik without download on computer.

  • garry sandhu

    i love this ..

  • sanjeeda

    yeah i really want kik without downloading it

  • Ten

    Can I login without downloading the app

  • kate123

    its the best thing ever

  • angel

    i know right

  • nicole

    Hey I love kick do u guys

    • mariaaa’! c;

      no one cares what you say

      • starr

        grrrrr u should not have to down lode kik to get on it online

  • Robin Armock

    For all the parents that have no clue about this app it just a way for older adults to be able to talk to and get your child to do things that are inappropriate……. This site should not allow minors on without the consent of the parents and it should cost money if said minor wants an account on this site. My daughter was texting and because of things that were said she has a lot of problems with depression and suicide. I thank the site for not being smart about the fact that these are kids and they don’t know how to handle the real world yet.


      If some people do stupid things that their own fault, it’s no reason to punish all. I have been on medication for 13 years for depression and bipolar. if you feel it’s unacceptable then don’t let her on.

    • Lauren

      No adults could talk to her unless she gave them her kik name.

      • Megan


      • lizzz.

        that’s only if she wanted

    • belovedladysanders


    • Megan

      FYI None of that is true!

  • glorimar sierra

    how you create your kick account

  • glorimar sierra

    you look hot Harsha hari

  • Daniel

    what’s another site besides bluestacks to get kik messenger

  • guest

    doesnt this give you vireses?

  • lily

    i love kik

  • belovedladysanders

    yeah…….the same thing he said I got too many things on my phone too be downloading a small website

  • Moon

    where from i can search my friends? kindly tell me?

  • imyamines

    can we get on kik on ther computer with out downloading it

    • Erin

      do u have a kik

  • imyamines

    and wyt am i following thses ppl that i dnt even know

  • Adriana

    i have kik

  • kelnisha

    can we get on kik on cumputer

    • hi

      no i have actually tried millions of ways and times :/

  • Taliyah

    How do u get on kik without downloading it on your tablet?????????

    • Megan

      Ya how do you?

  • kali

    ya i know right so not right you can get on with a tablet but computer i do not know so bad


    How can we download kik on your comptuer.please help!!!!!!!!

  • indeo

    how do you get the kik app login without downloading it

  • Sup dawg

    were do u get kik like wtf

  • jasmine

    how do i download this app

  • Aileen

    this is a fun kik but i realy like kik because we can text your friends in kik and your phone to anything

  • Aileen

    you can text

  • bettyboo

    how do we sign in on the computer with out downloading or do we have too

    • http://techmarketingbuffalo.com/ Trevor Nace

      You have to download it unfortunately.

  • J’kaya

    How do I login into my kik without downloading the app?

    • http://techmarketingbuffalo.com/ Trevor Nace

      You have to download an Android emulator to play Kik online

  • fart

    I think u should download it but after that hide the app and keep playing

  • derp song

    i love kik its so awesome i get to talk to my friends

  • lastajel

    right i got it on my tblet but just cant get it on my computer thats straight up petty.

  • khalilwallace

    i dont Know

  • Marius Guia Adora


  • Azmath

    How els can i get kik on my iPad ????? Because i got my AppStore blocked so i cant dounload it from the AppStore

  • brebre

    hi im new but who dosent know about kik on computers

  • Jeffrey Velez


  • sweetheart100

    im feelin lucky today

  • kar


  • kylie

    I whish that we can have a kik without a phone

  • faith

    hey I would like to join KIK Messager

  • pritambiki

    i want direct link for windows 7 ultimate to download kik messanger.its urgent

  • aya Benkoua

    How can u go kik online with out downlowding

  • jas,imne

    can we get kik online please

  • melbourne

    how to get kik on computer

  • issraa

    how do we text?

  • issraa

    just loigin I did that

  • pineapples

    on mine it says searching for the kik app but then it does nothing..

  • victoria

    can we log in at school

  • montana

    how do we login on the computer or laptop without downloading it

  • THEiPhoneLover

    I downloaded kik on my blackberry bold 9780 but it just gave me that network error. But ui really need it despretaley.

  • people

    i wanna get it but im not aloud to download

  • upsex1


  • HonduranPrincess

    can we download kik without the android simulator ?