Kik friends can be hard to find, especially if you don’t know how to find Kik users that you don’t know personally but want to chat. Kik is a great way to find friends and meet new people, but the key is to find Kik users that are willing to start new conversations and become new Kik friends. I’ll show you all the top tricks to find new Kik friends and meet new Kik users that want to chat with new people online.


How to find Kik friends

The first step in finding Kik friends is to search through your contact list/address book to match your current friends with those that have Kik. To do this, go to your Kik app, then tap on Settings > Privacy > Address Book Matching. Hit “yes” in the pop up and type in your phone number in the box that appears. It’s that easy, Kik will do the rest to find you Kik friends that match your current friend list.

There are a few great Kik tips that make finding Kik friends easy. The first is that when you type in your phone number into Kik, Kik will search all of it’s users to find other Kik users that have your phone number in their address book. Therefore, even if you don’t have someone’s phone number, you can still connect with them.

Another cool function that allows you to find Kik friends is that when you type in your email address to sign up for Kik it will search your contact list associated with your email address for potential Kik friends.

Note: you will need to start a conversation with your new Kik friends to save them to your contacts list.

Find Kik Users

If you know of Kik users that you want to connect with, you can add the Kik user directly. Simply hit the Talk To symbol at the top right of the Kik app. From there, type in the Kik users you want to connect with and tap “Find username.” Choose the right Kik user from the list and send them a message. You can send them a message to save the Kik user in your contacts list, alternatively you can choose add to save them.

Meet new Kik Friends

There are a bunch of ways to meet new Kik friends. Check out this page on how to find 1000′s of Kik friends to get started. Alternatively, there are a bunch of forums where people will post their Kik username to find new Kik friends. You are welcome to post your Kik username in the comments section below if you are interested in making new Kik friends.

Once you’ve found a lot of friends on Kik, learn how to use Kik on your computer!

Know of any other tips to find new Kik friends? If you’ve had luck getting tons of Kik users let us know.


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