How To Use Snapchat: Common Questions Answered

Snapchat is a smartphone app available for the iPhone and Android devices. It allows the user to share photos (with text or drawings) with their friends. The photos last for 1-10 seconds when viewed and are then automatically deleted.

It’s a fun app to send silly images to your friends, or images you don’t want finding their way on Facebook. Some use it to send risque photos of themselves, however I would advise against it as there are ways to save the photo before it’s deleted (see below). Use it and have fun!

Remember those days when you would write a little note on a piece of paper, then pass it to the girl/guy you liked? Then you’d tear it up at the end of class so no one would read what you talked about? Snapchat is a new version of that. You can send photos, even text back and forth, and when you’re done. The convo is gone! It makes flirting all the more better :)

How do you delete someone on “Snapchatters who added me” list?

I’ve gotten a few questions and comments below asking this same question. You can go to your friends list and if you see that someone has added you but you have no idea who the person is, you can delete them. Simply swipe to the left and they will be removed from the list.

How do you delete a best friend in Snapchat

You can’t necessarily delete a “best friend” on Snapchat if they’re already on your top list. However, a quick trick is that you can Snap with someone else a ton just to replace them on your list. Also, you can try to delete the best friend from your list and then add them again. This won’t always remove them but it’s worth a shot if you desperately need to get rid of that one person.

How do you add a friend in Snapchat

Go to Snapchat and click on the icon in the bottom right corner, then “Find Friends”. This will bring up a list of friends based on your contact list that you can add as friends. If they already have it, it will say “Friends on Snapchat” and you can add them immediately.

Alternatively you can invite friends in your contact list that aren’t currently registered with the app. Alternatively, you can go to “My Friends” on the menu, then scroll up and a pop up will appear to directly add someone if you know their username or add individuals from your contact list. You either need their phone number or their Snapchat username to add them to your friends list, so make sure you know one or the other to be able to Snap with them.

How do you add a  best friend in Snapchat

You can’t add someone to your best friend list, it automatically chooses your “best friends” based on who you Snapchat with the most. As a word of caution, this can be seen by the public.

Is Snapchat available on Android

Snapchat is available on all Android devices running version 2.2 or higher. You can find the app at Google Play.

How to add text to Snapchat photo

Once you  have pressed the bottom middle button to take a photo, if you tap the image itself, a typing screen will appear and you can add text to your image.  You can also click the pen tool at the top right corner to draw text or a picture on top of your image.

How to set Snapchat seconds displayed

Once you’ve taken a photo, click the little circle icon with a 3 in it in the bottom left hand corner, this will bring up a menu where you can choose anywhere from 1 to 10 seconds that your photo will be displayed.

Can you check your Snapchat online

As of now, there is no way to log in and check your Snapchat’s online, you must use your smartphone.

Can Android and iPhone Snapchat videos

Yes, you can take videos using Snapchat on Androids and iPhones. You simply hold down the circle button you normally tap to take an image and it will begin recording video, note that it will only allow 9 seconds of video recording before cutting you off.

How to search a username on Snapchat

Go to the Snapchat App and click the button on the bottom right, then go to “My Friends” and scroll up. This will bring up a menu where you can add friends using their username in addition to adding friends via your contact list.

How to accept friends on Snapchat

You will get a notification that someone wants to friend you and you just click on the friend request and accept.

Can Android Snapchat with an iPhone

Yep, it is the same with other Android or other iPhones, both of you just need to have Snapchat downloaded and an account.

How to view Snapchat profile

Go to Snapchat, then “My Friends” and click on one of your friends, which will bring up a webpage with their username, high score, best friends, and an option to add them to your friends list if they aren’t already.

Can you view sent Snapchats

You cannot view sent Snapchats using the App as intended, however there are ways to recover images. You can find more information on Huffington Post.

App similar to Snapchat

Wink is a similar app for Android.

How to delete your Snapchat username or profile

If you want to delete your Snapchat username go to Snapchat’s Delete Page, log in and delete your account.

Can you upload photos to Snapchat

No, that is not currently a supported feature.

Do you have any other Snapchat questions, if so leave them below!

  • asdfghjkl

    How do you delete a bestfriend from your profile?

    • Kizzy jay

      Does deleting the friend get them off your best friends?

      • Willaim

        Nope they stay there as long as you have snapchated them more than anybody else.

  • John

    Can someone be your best friend if you don’t snap them, but they snap you?

  • Dd

    Can iPhones recieve videos from Android phones?

  • anna

    Can you receive a snapchat from someone who you have deleted from your contacts?

    • bob

      i am wondering the same thing

      • Justin

        If you go on your settings, there’s a section where it says ‘Who can…’ from there, it says ‘who can send me snaps?’ and you can change this to ‘my friends’ so now only your friends can snap you.

  • leenie

    can you plz let us make a profile pic for snapchat

  • sam

    I downloaded snap chat but the icon is no where on my phone I keep trying to uninstall or reinstall but it just keeps saying installed.

    • Wintergreendipper2014

      Do you have a iphone or a android…
      If android go to play store and go to the app and push open..
      If iphone go to AppStore and push search and type in “snapchat” and go to the sameone you download and push open
      If neither of these work get back to me and tell me same if it does help you
      Hope it helps you

  • brianna

    why are their two places snap arrive one in the section its supposed to. the other is in the friends section. is that because it was sent to everyone?

  • ben

    how do you delete a photo that every one has to view before its gone ?

  • Dudde

    The text box appears but when i go to type the blinking cursor goes away and no words show up

  • Snap03

    How do you delete someone on that “snapchatters who added me list”? There are some people who added me, and so I accepted and deleted them, but they’re still showing up on that list and I want them gone!

    • Breonnia

      Cant you just block them?! OR unfriend them

      • Harold Koiman

        Just as Snap03 wrote, you can accept and delete them, or accept and block them, but they still show up on the “snapchatters who added me” list. It appears that there is no way to delete people from this list.

    • Harold Koiman

      Swipe the name to the left, then hit the red x to delete.

    • Trevor Nace

      You can just swipe to the left and tap the X to delete them!

  • CCSB

    If you send a Snap to a friend in a different country, will that cost you money or does it solely go via the internet?

    • Naf

      I need to know the answer to this too!

  • Steve

    I can’t add anyone because I have to exit Snapchat to see what the verification code is and then when I go back into it there is no way of entering the code, all you can do is put your number in again and get sent another one and the cycle goes again!

  • sam

    how do you see your friend’s friends list?

  • Julia

    Can people get notified when you view there story board??

    • Dlwhite

      They don’t get notified but they can see who has viewed the story via tapping their story and looking under the story pages. try it out

  • hgdifdb Klein

    How can you delete your profile pic from snapchat

  • sevenelleven1344

    i all ready have an account but how do i get it to connect with fb or do i have to make a new one..

  • KB

    Someone attached a snapchat to my phone number…I’m wondering how did they do that? I do not have snapchat on my phone nor do I have a snapchat account. I called the phone company and they said it happens because someone types in one wrong number, but someone else told me that can’t happen that you have to send a text verifying your number…I never did this. The acct has now been deleted, but I really want to know how this happened, so if you have any information, please let me know. Thank you!

    • Olivia G

      They probably screen shotted it.

    • Tm0407

      After the account was established, they changed the number in their profile. Maybe they wanted to stop getting chats, so they changed the number associated with their account and it just happened to be yours.

  • KB

    I just wrote this question but I don’t see it now. I am wondering how someone can attach a snapchat to a number that isn’t their own. Someone attached a snapchat name/acct. to my phone number. I don’t have snapchat nor have I ever had it, and yet my number popped up on some of my friends phones with a snapchat name. I called the phone company who said it can happen if someone types in one wrong number…but someone else told me that isn’t so because you have to send a text to verify it. The acct has been deleted now, but I’m still wondering how it happened. Please let me know how this could happen.

  • Danny

    Yes, the ones in the friends section means anyone can view it

  • Laura

    Do you have to have someone’s number to snapchat them?

    • nobody987654321

      I was goimg to qsk the same question

      • Trevor Nace

        Either their phone number or their Snapchat username.

  • Ray

    can you view how many times a person has sent another person a snpchat?

    • Willaim

      No that is not a feature unfortunately.

  • yazan

    how to know if someone accepted your request on snapchat ?

  • the dr

    I’ve had two people add me that I have no idea who they are. They’re not in my contacts under any name with a matching username. How do I find out who it is?

  • shelly

    same thing happened to an ex of mine. I started getting snaps from him called him and asked him, but then he said he hasn’t used snapchat in a long time and he deleted the app, but It doesn’t make much sense cuz yes you have to receive the verification text to start snap chatting. Maybe he’s having the same problem as you, but his profile name matches the person that is snapchatting me and no one else would have that same name and user name as him. He could be lying but if this has happened to someone else then maybe we can get some answers.

  • Dlwhite

    If I dont view a snap for like 2 weeks, will it still be there by the time I view it?

    • William

      Snapchats only disappear if u have more than 40 unopened. At this point the bottom most one will be deleted forever.

  • Harley

    I Have A Friend Who I Can Not See Has Viewed My Snaps, But Will Respond. How Is This Possible?

  • Kkkkkkkk

    How do u make titles

  • Hayley

    If someone adds you as a friend on snapchat, but you don’t add them as a friend on your snapchat, are they still able to view your stories??

  • aisha

    snapchat won’t let me write things?

  • A.Lynn

    I snapchat a person and it’s the only person I have snaphatted because I remade an account and they arnt showing up on my best friends ?

  • ineskned

    can i send a snap to everybody? and will they know?
    I actually want them to know…

  • kelly

    A friend has added me how can I find out which friend it is?

  • SnapchatQ

    How do u put more than one picture together in one dnapchat?! Please help

  • ken

    I don’t text, so I can’t use snapchat?

    • Sydney


  • Olivia Violet

    How many snapchats does it take for someone to be on your best friends that you haven’t snapchatted before

    • William

      The three most people you have Snapchatted will be in your best friends list, or if you have it set to show 5 or 7 friends same thing.

  • Sarah

    How do you put pictures together before you send them I’ve never known how to do it

  • thom

    If i create a snapchat account then later delete it, can the people who send me snapchats while its deleted off my phone become my bestfriends?q

  • Rosa

    How do I watch snapchat videos that are sent to me and I tried to hold down the button to view the video but nothing happens and I also tried updating the app but and I still have the problem can I get a little help

  • Deboo

    I blocked and deleted à friend. Now i want to add him back. How can i do it ? Please help

    • brookieee

      just go to you ur add friend thing and press there thing and add them back easy as possible

  • Sho Love

    How can I know if I am deleted off of someone’s list?

  • Don’t Worry about it

    Why are snapchat pictures showing up on the friendslist?

    • brookieee

      bc u put them on ur story

  • sjhsihskv

    how do u update your snapchat profile picture?

    • William

      There is no such thing as a Snapchat profile picture at this time. :(

  • Jeeeeeeeem

    If I have added someone and view their stories but they haven’t added me does it still notify them that I have viewed their snaps? Thank you!!

  • Elena Zanone

    How do I follow or add a Brand on Snapchat? I wanto to add Taco Bell.

  • ashley

    Is there another way to change your password without using your email if your email isn’t working

    • brookieee


  • lisa

    how do you delete your profile picture or change it

  • Tm0407

    If I didn’t give snapchat access to my contact list when I signed up, how can I change that now?

  • Sydney

    How to use put the time on a snapchat in big letters

    • brookieee

      just slide the photo left and right u should get the weather u should get mhp u should get 3 flilters and the time

  • snapchatter

    My snapchat can’t find any of my contacts, it can’t access it grrrrr help?

    • Trevor Nace

      On your iPhone go to Settings > Privacy > Contacts and make sure Snapchat is turned on. That allows Snapchat to find your contacts.

      • hanjiyo

        and if you give it access, and it still cant?…

        • Trevor Nace

          If you give it access, it should be able to sync with the contacts. Try deleting and reinstalling Snapchat.

      • Watermelettuce

        what about android?

        • Trevor Nace

          Don’t have an Android so can’t test it. I’d imagine you could head to the settings and there is privacy or contacts settings somewhere in there.

  • Scott

    How do you know if someone sent you a snapchat or they posted onto their story?

    • Trevor Nace

      It will show up on your Snapchat feed if someone sent you a Snapchat. For the Snapchat story you will have to check their name on the friends list.

      • 1014

        Is there a way to know when someone is sending a snap chat to u and only u?

        • Trevor Nace


  • Simply_Soccer

    They say you can change the filter of a picture I tried what they said to do but it doesn’t change

    • Trevor Nace

      Try going into the settings in Snapchat and turning on filters. Then you can swipe left and right after taking a photo to use the filters.

  • Andrew Clark

    if I send a snapchat to multiple friends at the same time can the others see all the ones on my friends list I sent it to, like happens when I group text?

    • Trevor Nace


  • beebee123

    How do I get my “snapchatters in my contacts” to refresh?

    • Trevor Nace

      refresh in what way?

  • Claire

    Trying to loin snapchat, but wont accept any username i try??

  • newsnapper

    You said when you click on one of your friends on your list a webpage comes up with their profile info. Mine only shows a small drop down window. Is that what you meant by webpage?

    • Trevor Nace

      Yea, it’s just a small drop down with some basic info.

  • Ezinne

    i have a gingerbread android phone and snap chat isn’t allowing me to add captions what should i do its very annoying theres no point of snap chat without it

  • brookieee

    how do u make your emojis bigger on snapchat.?

  • steph

    How do I change my profile picture on snap chat? ?? Please help x

  • Julius

    So I was snapping a friend and we fell out. Then when I snapped her it would say pending rather than sent, so I took this to mean that she had deleted me (I could no longer see her best friends either!). But, she was still on my ‘friends list’. However, now she has disappeared altogether and when I search her name in search bar is says that she cannot be found? Does this mean I have been blocked? :(

  • -.-

    With the new update how do you tap to retry sending a snapchats? It just bounces when I try to tap once or double tap

  • da_1

    why cant you just use numbers you know or that are from your contacts to send things too, why do they have to have a snapchat app also?

  • Leslie

    Can people snapchat you if they haven’t updated snapchat yet

  • Nicole

    On the updated version of snapchat where you can “chat” It says that the app notifies you when your friend is online, so, when I live chat they can too. We are both online but cant see each other. I dont get it, They are online but it’s not notifying me! Does anyone know whats happening? Thanks if you do!

    • Trevor Nace

      Try exiting out of the app. If that doesn’t work, try deleting and reinstalling the app.

  • emilyemmiekia

    How do you get the temperature on Snapchat?

    • Trevor Nace

      Head over to settings and turn on the weather setting.

  • lalagirl78

    If a user who was recently on my friend’s list now suddenly does not appear, does that mean they blocked or deleted me?

    • Trevor Nace

      not necessarily, they may just have fallen off because you don’t Snapchat with them as much as other people.

  • nobody987654321

    If you send a picture to on friend, can other people see it? Please, respond ASAP!

    • Trevor Nace

      No, only people you send it to can see it. Of course they could show someone your Snap when they look at it.

  • ShayBabes_Lol

    Can you add already taken photos to your story? if so.. how?

    • Trevor Nace

      No, I don’t think so

  • Nialler 2014

    How do you use a picture from your photos and put it on snapchat?

    • Trevor Nace

      you can’t as far as I know

  • Cindy Loo

    if you have snapchat signed onto two difference devices and open a snap on one, does it appear as opened on the other?

  • Buttons1

    When adding a picture or video to your story a pop up comes up to confirm you want to add it. I accidentally click “do not ask me again” but I would like for a confirmation to come up. Is there a way to have it confirm again?

  • name

    What if I have a friend who claims to not have snapchat but he doesn’t appear on my “invite contacts” list? He’s also obviously not on the snapchatters list either. Like, he is saved in my contacts but snapchat is not letting me invite him from my contacts. Is he lying/ has he blocked me?

  • scarlet_begonias

    my videos only let me record like 5 seconds. where my friends can have like 10.. how do i make my videos longer?

  • arpie

    Anyway to insure that your snap chat is not being saved by the recipient?

    • Trevor Nace

      Not really, using apps or back end software that saves it, you won’t get any notification. Ultimately, if you want to ensure it never gets saved, best to not send it.

  • Marie

    Does snapchat have profile pics?

    • Tnace10

      No profile pics as of now

  • Angelo

    my phone says I don’t support live chats how can I switch that?

  • skialz

    how do you know if someones is online ? n snapchat ?

    • Tnace10

      With the new chat feature on Snapchat you can tell if they’re online but you will have to either send or receive a snap from them first.

  • Volleyball=life

    Everytime I try to make a snapchat it says to check my connection even though I’m connected to wifi and I have data I really want to try it out but can’t can somebody help me?

    • Tnace10

      Are other apps working, can you connect to websites?

  • Catelin.ferrell

    How do you use more than one pic on one snap chat !?

    • Tnace10

      You can use video, but if you want to send multiple pics you’ll have to send multiple Snapchats

  • Jake100101

    In the my friends section, my friends have what seem to be a profile picture but its a video and I’m curious if that’s just their profile or if it’s a video they sent me? And btw I can view it as much as I want, idk if that helps u guys answer lol

    • Tnace10

      Yea, it’s called “My Story” which allows people to view it multiple times and doesn’t delete immediately

  • Kim

    I am trying to snapchat a friend who I’ve snapchatted lots of times before, and it keeps saying “Pending” and will not allow my friend to open???? we have both tried deleting each other and reentering?

    • Tnace10

      Are you use the person has not blocked you or have you blocked them? Do Snapchats go through to other people from both accounts?

  • Kim

    How do you block someone or unfriend them?

    • Tnace10

      Go to their name on your contact list in Snapchat and hit the gear icon next to their name. That will give you the option to block or unfriend them.

  • farah

    can you block someone on snapchat without adding them as a friend?

    • Tnace10

      Not that I know of, I think you’ll have to add them and can block them immediately. That way the person won’t see you’ve added them since you immediately block them afterward.

  • Justin S

    Thank you very much!

  • Justin S

    Thanks! We look for ward to more of your responses!

  • libby

    How can I create a second snapchat account? I want to keep my original and add a different one using a different e-mail and a different username.

  • Glamzar

    6tag can upload a picture as a snap and also allows longer text.

  • Guest

    Can you snapchat out of country without using wifi ?

  • krystina

    do u know if u block someone on snapchat will he still see the message u sended to that person before?

    • Tnace10

      Not sure as I’ve never tried, but you could try sending a Snap to a friend who you trust, block them and see if it still shows up.

  • Anon

    Get an app called snap hack or snap crack (they both work) and they let you out pictures from your camera roll up onto snapchat