How To Use Snapchat: Best Friends to Funny Usernames

Snapchat is popular, but it’s hard to use. Here’s how to use Snapchat to it’s fullest, giving you ideas on how to create funny usernames to how to change your best friend.

If you have any other questions that aren’t answered here, leave them in a comment below and I will be happy to answer them to the best I can. Happy Snapchatting!

How do you delete a best friend from your Snapchat profile?

You cannot delete a best friend, Snapchat automatically determines your “best friend” based on the top 3 people you send or receive photos or videos from. The only way to get someone off your best friend list is to replace them with someone you snapchat with more.

Receive Snapchat from someone you deleted from contacts?

From everything I’ve read you cannot receive a photo or video from someone who you deleted from your contacts. You are no longer connected on the app and they won’t be able to send you a photo.

How to sign up for Snapchat

In order to sign up you must download the app for your Apple or Android device. Once it is downloaded you can sign up by opening the app and following the on screen instructions. You cannot sign up online as there is no “online Snapchat”.

How to retrieve Snapchat photos

As of now there are a couple known ways to retrieve photos. One is through an Android app called Dumpster, which tricks your Android phone into having a digital trashcan. The photos go to that digital trashcan and you can view and save them from the Dumpster app. In addition, there are multiple companies that can go in and retrieve your photos as they are not permanently deleted but stored in your device as a different file type. Thus far I have only heard of this for Android devices and have not seen anything for retrieving iPhone photos.

View Snapchat online

As of now, you still cannot view Snapchat photos online, you must use an Apple iOS or Android device.

Good Snapchat usernames

When deciding on a username you need to figure out what your purpose is. If you want people to be able to find you easily, use your real name and if it is a common name append another word or numbers to your username. If you don’t want people to be able to easily search for your username, go with a username that is related to a sports team you like, a hobby of yours, where you’re from, etc. Get creative with it.

Snapchat username/profile lookup

To look up a username go to the Snapchat app and hit the symbol on the bottom right. Then hit the person with the plus mark on the top right corner, then go to the magnify glass on the top right. From there you can lookup usernames.

snapchat funny photo

Funny and cool Snapchat usernames

If you’re looking to have a funny username, try to make a pun based on something you like, such as a hobby or food, etc. I suggest thinking about it for a while, think about what is unique about yourself and somehow poke fun of it, create a pun about it or just something silly.

How to find Snapchat photos

The only way you can find photos is if they are sent to you from someone else. There is no way to “search” for Snapchat photos online or anywhere else, they must be sent to you personally from someone else.

Screenshot on Snapchat

You can take a screenshot of a photo on an iPhone by holding down the home key and the power button at the same time, this will click and take a screenshot of the image for you to save. Snapchat knows if you do this, however, and will send a notification to whoever sent you the photo that you took a screenshot. If you’re on an Android device, press the volume down button and power button at the same time, hold them both for a second and your phone will take a screenshot.

Find girls to Snapchat

There are numerous forums online that will link you up with girls to Snapchat, however mostly they are filled with guys trying to find girls, so good luck finding someone. One of the better sites is Snapchat Forum, where people can post if they want to connect or share images.

Why can’t I download Snapchat

If you are using an up to date Apple iOS product such as their iPhone or iPad you should be able to go to the App store and download the Snapchat app. Also, if you are using the Android operating system on any number of devices including the Samsung Galaxy, you should be able to download the app directly. If you cannot, first try to update your operating system, if that still doesn’t work, try to wipe your device clean and reinstall the operating system.

Snapchat for Blackberrys

As of right now Snapchat is not available for Blackberrys. However, there are a few sites out there that offer cracks in the software so that you can use the app on your Blackberry. I wouldn’t recommend doing this, especially if this is a work phone. It may compromise the phone and create a lot of issues. If you are sure you want to install the app on your Blackberry search Google and you will find a number of sites that will let you download the trick.

This covers a lot of ground on some of the ways to get to know Snapchat. Snapchat is one of the most popular apps available on the market. So many people are using it and loving it. You get to send messages to your friends and family that are set to expire after a certain amount of time, kind of like the messages that Inspector Gadget would get in every show, if you remember that show. You can send photos and videos and more. It’s so popular that more established sites like Facebook and Twitter are clamoring to get their hands on it. But while Snapchat is still it’s own thing, it’s a great time to have fun with it. What do you like most about Snapchat?

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