Flappy Bird Online | Play Game for Free

Flappy Bird online is a fun and free way to play the super popular game for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. With Flappy Bird recently being deleted from the iTunes App Store and Google Play, a great alternative is to play online.

I’ll show you how to play Flappy Bird online with no setup and nothing to download. In a few seconds you can be playing Flappy Bird until your hands go numb.

Flappy Bird Online

Flappy Bird online can be just as addicting as playing Flappy Bird on  your iPhone, iPad or Android device. However, the Flappy Bird app was recently deleted and is not available to download. Thankfully there is a great online alternative which is the same exact app, just using a plugin through a website.


Play Flappy Bird Online

The best place to play Flappy Bird online is to head over to flappybird.com where you can play online for free. It’s unclear whether they will save your high score or not, most likely you will not be able to save your high score when playing online, so make sure you take a screenshot if you do really well.

Another option is to play Flappy Bird online on Facebook, which you can find here. It will want to post your high score on Flappy Bird to your Facebook wall unless you click that posts can be viewed by “only me.” That way others won’t see when you’re playing Flappy Bird online.

Is Flappy Bird Game Free?

When you play Flappy Bird online it is completely free, so play your heart out. However, both online and on the Flappy Bird app there are ads, which gives the creator money each time you click on the ads. Also, don’t be fooled if it ever asks you to buy something, you don’t need to buy anything to play Flappy Bird, it’s a completely free game if you want it to be.

In summary, these tips will help you to play Flappy Bird even though it has been abruptly removed from the app markets by the game developers. Flappy Bird has been on of the most popular games in recent memory. The popularity of the game is due to its difficulty. Although it seems like a pretty simple game on the surface, mimicking something like a Super Mario bros. game from the old days, anyone who has spent more than three minutes with it knows that the game is not for the faint of heart. Flappy Bird is synonymous with frustration and addiction. Everyone likes a good challenge and this game offers it like none other. Since it is now gone from the app store, you can follow these steps above in order to play Flappy Bird online for free.

Know of any other places to play Flappy Bird online for free? Have you played the Flappy Bird game on Facebook or elsewhere? let us know how you like it compared to playing on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.