A new Flappy Bird MMO (massively multiplayer online game) has been created to let you play the popular game online with hundreds if not thousands of other players simultaneously.

Want to play Flappy Bird MMO, if so, read below as I’ll show you where to find the MMO and how to play.

What is Flappy Bird MMO?

Flappy Bird MMO is a multiplayer online video game that was taken from the popular iPhone, iPad and Android app, Flappy Bird. It allows you to play with thousands of other users at the same time. There are a large number of servers, for instance when I played I was on server #26 with approximately 350 people playing on that server simultaneously.

The advantage to playing Flappy bird MMO is you can see hundreds of people playing at the same time, allowing you to see their strategies, where most people fail, how long a typical game is, etc. You can also name your Flappy Bird so everyone knows how well you did playing the Flappy Bird MMO.

How To Play Flappy Bird MMO

To play the Flappy Bird MMO, head over to flapmmo.com, which is a new MMO dedicated solely for playing Flappy Bird. It lets you play Flappy bird online with hundreds of other players. At the top left you can see score, which goes up by one for every pipe you pass, then the number of players that are simultaneously playing, in this case 342 other players. Distance is how far you’ve gotten, past how many pipes, and which server you’re on.

Press the spacebar to make your Flappy Bird fly up, and the bird naturally falls in the game. You have to time the spacebar hits to make it through the pipes. As you can see, a lot of the Flappy Birds die after the first pipe, which is understandable because it’s pretty hard to get through each pipe.


What is Flappy Bird Massively Multiplayer Online Game?

Flappy Bird Massively Multiplayer Online Game is a way to play games online where you can have hundreds or thousands of other players playing in the same game. It allows you to compare your progress and score with others. Unlink games like Halo where you play online against other people, this Flappy Bird MMO is solely a one player game but allows you to see how others are doing. There are hundreds of other games that have been turned into MMOs.

Have you tried to play the Flappy Bird MMO game? It’s fun and addicting, let us know how you did compared to the hundreds of others playing alongside in the MMO.


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