Flappy Bird for PC Download on Computer for Free

Play Flappy Bird for PC online or download it to your computer with this free trick. In no time you’ll be playing the addictive and super popular game Flappy Bird on your personal computer.

The various tricks below work to varying degrees and some have limitations, but they will allow you to play Flappy Bird on any PC.

Flappy Bird for PC Online

You can play Flappy Bird for PC online through a few different sites, but the best site is flappybird.com where you can play online. One downside is that it won’t track your high score, so each game is as if you just downloaded the Flappy Bird app.


Flappy Bird for PC

You can get Flappy Bird for PC by downloading the Flappy Bird on your desktop. There are a variety of sites that offer an  download.

BlueStacks will act similar to an Android device and allow you to play Flappy Bird for computer use. Download and install an Android emulator such as BlueStacks.

Flappy Bird for Windows

The Flappy Bird options above will work for any Windows operating system. It doesn’t matter if you have Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, or Windows Vista. You may need a javascript player to play Flappy Birds online. Also, if you find yourself on a Mac, the BlueStacks and other Android emulators work on Mac and PC computers. Just follow the same steps above.

Flappy Bird was one of the most popular games in smartphone history. Everyone played it or wanted to play it. Well, that is until the gamemakers decided to pull it from smartphone app markets. There are many conspiracy theories out there as to why Flappy Bird is no more considering the fact that it was at one point making more money per month than many people made in a year. The game looked very much like Mario games and was notoriously difficult to get good at. The infamous difficulty of the game made it addicting and contagious. Everyone wanted to get better at it, but not many did. But now, it’s gone and we can all hope that they release the game once more so that everyone can have a fair chance to get better at it.

Know of any other options to play Flappy Bird for PC? Have you tried to use an Android emulator and download the Flappy Bird? If so, leave a comment below.