Find the Best Keywords For My Articles And Website

Keywords are a bit of an artform, I can often find the best terms to use for either my articles or niche websites by going through the process below. Once you’re adept at it and have done several you get pretty quick at it. Bear in mind I bought the url for this site about a month ago, so it doesn’t even have a pagerank yet and I need to target much more niche keywords than bigger, more established websites.

One thing I’ve picked up is that you want to focus on keywords to the extent that you want to share your message, inspirations, ideas, intellect, creativity and more with your readers and you want them to find your article. You should always first think of a theme or topic that truly interests you and that is something you’d enjoy reading. From there, you can start to develop a strategy for a keyword that may help you get more readers.

A strategy I’ve focused on is to write for your readers, meanwhile knowing you need to eventually make money if your site is to become a business. However, the business comes down the road after many hundreds of hours of work. The initial motivation should be your readers and what you love to share with them.

Start With A Target Keyword

keyword cloud

You have to start with some sort of idea on a topic or potential post.  The two primary ways I get ideas for posts are to look on other successful websites that cover similar content as TMB and get ideas based on interesting articles they’ve written.  I also get ideas from posts on social media.  Another way I get ideas is if I come across a question on how to do something on my own website, I consider it for an article.  If I have had trouble or questions about a topic, likely others have too and I’ve already done the research on it.

Find your place in the grand keyword pecking order

find the best keywords on google

Now that you have an idea of a topic or keywords you want to focus on in your article I will share a few tools I use to figure out what the best angle to approach the article is. As an example I’m going to use the topic of this post, below are the steps I went through to decide on the exact title, url and specific content tailored to keywords I believe I can rank for:

1. Start with Google search, I know generally I want this article to be focused on coming up with keyword ideas. I type into Google  search “best keywords” and the results displayed are similar to the topic I want to write about, so I know I’m starting off on the right track.

2. An issue is that the average page rank for the first page of the keyword term “best keywords” is 2.9. I use SEO for Firefox plugin to get the pagerank of hits on the first page.  You can go into a ton more detail but generally I look at the average pagerank on the first page as an indication of competition.  Considering I don’t even have a page rank I likely cannot rank on the first page for a broad search like “best keywords” which gets about 27,000 searches a month based on the Google Keyword Tool.

3. Let’s narrow our target down a bit. To do this next step you have to have Google instant predictions turned on, you can tell if google comes up with a list of 4 suggested searches right below the search bar as you’re typing.  Starting with “best keywords” in a Google search, I put a space afterward and see what shows up, which is the top searches with best keywords as the first terms. What I see is best keywords for SEO, YouTube, Etsy & Photographers.  None of which is exactly what I want to target. So I go back to “best keywords” search and put a space before the term. and I get “best keywords for seo” then “how to find the best keywords”, bingo, were getting closer!

keyword suggestions google search

4. “How to find the best keywords” still has an average pagerank of 3.0 and less Google searches at 1600 a month. Let’s dig a bit deeper. More specifically I want to write about how to find the best keywords for articles or posts, not necessarily websites.  So lets try to go down that path. As the title is getting rather long, I’m going to drop the “how to” as it adds length but not a lot to the keywords. So now were at “find the best keywords for articles” and the pageranks look like I could compete with several at 0 or -.

5. I notice a lot of people seem to be searching for “best keywords for my website”.  I can add this as a potential keyword string by changing the title to “find the best keywords for my articles and website”. And there you have it, that will be the title of my article and url slug.  Make sure you use the keywords in the first paragraph of your post.  Let’s hope it ranks!

Do you have any other methods? Do you find keywords differently?