FaceTime For Windows 7, 8 & XP – Download on PC

A lot of people want FaceTime for Windows 7, 8 or XP, but the question is whether it is possible to download FaceTime for Windows at all. Below I will address the current status to download FaceTime for Windows and connect with those that have Apple products. I will discuss whether you can download FaceTime on a Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows XP system.

Apple and Microsoft have never played well together, hence why FaceTime is not currently available from Apple to download on Windows PC machines. The question is, whether there are any tricks to allow you to use FaceTime for Windows despite it normally not being available.

FaceTime for Windows

facetime_windows_7_pc_pageThere is currently no way to run FaceTime for Windows beyond building your own custom computer and illegally installing Apple OS X on the computer. That is the only way you can currently use FaceTime for Windows and in that case it would be running on OS X, just on a bootleg copy. I do not recommend trying to install OS X on your PC as that could open you up to legal issues.

FaceTime is currently an open source app, which means Apple has made it freely available to modify the current FaceTime so that it would work on Windows. As of now, no one has taken up the job of creating FaceTime for Windows, but eventually someone may create it.

FaceTime for Windows 7

There is no FaceTime for Windows 7, the best option is to use another video conferencing app such as Skype. FaceTime for Windows 7 would be possible if someone wrote the code to create it, as Apple has made FaceTime an open source app.

FaceTime for Windows 8

FaceTime for Windows 8 is also not available currently. There are a few sites out there that suggest they have created FaceTime for Windows 8 but none of them have been verified and most likely are viruses that will infect your Windows 8 machine.

FaceTime for Windows XP

The story is the same for FaceTime for Windows XP, despite being around a long time, no one has written code to create FaceTime for Windows XP.

A good option is to buy a used Mac Mini, which is Apple’s cheapest computer. With the Mac Mini you can run FaceTime and meet all your needs. Alternatively, you can buy an iPad, iPad Mini, or iPhone, all of which have FaceTime installed.

FaceTime for Windows PC Alternatives

In summary, there is no FaceTime for Windows, period. There probably won’t be one in the near future, so if you really, really need FaceTime for some reason, then your best bet is buying a Mac. However, if buying a new computer or Apple mobile device is not an option and you want to still be able to video chat with people from a desktop screen, then the three best alternatives to FaceTime are Google Hangouts, Skype, and ooVoo.

Google Hangouts

All of these work on both Apple and PC computers and all are free to use. Google Hangouts works through Google+ and Gmail and allows you to instant message and video chat with anyone online through your Gmail account. It’s free to use and comes loaded with features and connects to other Google apps like YouTube and Google Drive easily.

Because it is under the Google umbrella, which is massive and secure, Hangouts lets you easily share media and files from Google Drive and will allow you to watch videos with your friends on YouTube in real time. You can video chat with up to ten of your friends and family at a time with Hangouts, for free. Also, with Hangouts, you don’t need to download anything to your desktop. Just run the app through your online browser and you’ll be working fine. Through Hangouts, you can also do the standard instant messaging and group chatting. The great thing about Hangouts is that it is perfectly integrated with the mobile app and can be used as your SMS messaging app on an Android phone, if you choose.


Skype does many of these things but also adds calling landline phones although it will charge a small fee for that. Skype is in many ways awesome and more functional than FaceTime and will get the job done smoothly and beautifully. Skype is well known for its video messaging capabilities and has been perfecting that job for many years now. Skype does many of the same functions as Hangouts, but its primary focus is video chatting. People have always trusted Skype for that and will continue to do so. It’s great to use Skype to chat with friends all over the world. You can populate your Skype contact list with friends from your email accounts as well as your social network accounts. To use Skype on a computer, you will need to download the software, for free, to your desktop or if you want the app on your mobile device, it is also free and easy to use.


The third option for FaceTime for Windows is another awesome video messaging software called ooVoo. Some may not know about  ooVoo, but with over ten million users worldwide, it is one of the most popular of them all. OoVoo is a major competitor to Skype, but works much more like Hangouts. Since ooVoo came before Hangouts, though, Perhaps it is also an innovator. Here, you can use the app for free on your online browser and not need to download anything extra, and it works smoothly on mobile devices, for free. OoVoo ma not have all the functions of Hangouts or the backing of Google, but it does allow you to video group chat with up to twelve people at a time which may be ideal for conferences and school groups and more.

Which of these do you enjoy the most? If anyone has heard of any other tips to download FaceTime for Windows 7, 8 or XP please let us know below. It would be super useful if we could use FaceTime on Windows along with Mac users.