The first time you see the Facebook login welcome home page you can’t help but get excited. But, once you’re passed the login welcome page, you start to realize that there are a lot of crazy things that happen beyond the Facebook home page. With over a billion users, there are tons of crazy Facebook statuses and facts that you wouldn’t believe! Below, I will share some of the best facts and statuses.

Facebook login welcome home page facts

1. You can access Mark Zuckerberg’s personal Facebook page simply by typing in into your browser bar! Who knows why he chose to be the fourth profile, but it’s still pretty cool that it’s that easy to get to the founder of Facebook’s profile page. You can skip the welcome home page all together.


2. 1 in every 13 people on the entire earth has an account with Facebook! Considering how many people in the world don’t have internet, that statistic is amazing.

3. Apparently, Facebook has been cited as one of the reasons couples get a divorce in 33% off all divorces. Facebook is typically a venue for people to vent frustration or aid in infidelity, therefore it’s not surprising it is linked with so many divorces.

4. You can change the language that Facebook uses to Pirate! Simply go to Account > Languages > and scroll down until you see English (Pirate). It’s a great prank to play on someone if you happen to get on their computer.

5. The average Facebook user has approximately 130 friends. Do you have more or less?

Facebook login welcome home page crazy statuses

Below are some of our favorite crazy Facebook statuses from The Chive, they make us laugh every time we see them. You wouldn’t believe how often there are crazy Facebook statuses, I’ve seen loads of them and they continually pop up. Always good for a laugh.

Facebook welcome home page

funny status facebookfacebook_login_welcome_home_page_opt

Crazy status

status facebook page

What do you think of the Facebook login welcome home page? Do you get excited when you first visit the home page, looking forward to what you will find once you login?


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