The Facebook login home page will let you log out depending on what device you’re on and whether you know where the log out button is. Your Facebook home page will automatically login if you tell your browser to remember the password and tick the box that tells Facebook to stay logged in. However, if you want to log out of your Facebook home page, I will show you where the log out button is located.

Facebook home page log out

If you are on a desktop computer such as a Mac or PC, then either copy and paste or click on the Facebook home page link to open Facebook in your web browser.


Then, when you’re on your Facebook page there should be a circle gear symbol at the top right that looks like the symbol to the right. Click on that symbol and that will bring up a menu bar. The third from last option is “Log Out” which if you click will log you out of Facebook.


Facebook home page automatic login

Depending on the specific device you’re using Facebook will automatically login in the home page. You can log out following the steps above. Also, you can go into your web browser’s settings and select for it to not remember the password, which will keep Facebook from staying logged in.

Note: If you are in a public setting make sure you do not leave your Facebook account logged in. Someone can get on your Facebook account and cause tons of problems. As sad as it sounds, people have been killed and divorces have happened due to comments and statuses on Facebook. Therefore be wary when you leave your Facebook home page logged in.

Facebook home page automatic log out

If you’re using Google Chrome you can download the Facebook automatic log out extension, which will make sure you are logged out of Facebook each time you’re done using it. The extension is super helpful and keeps others from using your Facebook account.

Any other questions about the Facebook login home page log out procedure or anything else, leave a comment below.


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