Are you looking for the Facebook login home page on Google but having trouble getting to login? Facebook is a great resource to help you connect with friends and family and meet new people, however, if you’ve never tried to login through their home page you may not know how exactly.

That’s where I come in, I will cover everything you need to know about how to navigate the Facebook home page, how to login to Facebook on Google, etc.

Facebook login home page

In order to login to Facebook, first, visit their home page, or go to Google and type in Facebook. If you have not already registered for Facebook, simply fill out your name, email address, password, birthday, and sex.


That’s all you need to register for Facebook and you will be given an account with your own home page.

If you already have an account with Facebook, login by entering your email address and password on the top right corner and click the “log in” button. This will bring you to your personal Facebook home page.

Google Facebook home page

If you Google Facebook home page, the first link will be, which is what you should click if you want to login to Facebook. There are other ways to login such as using a Facebook extension on Google Chrome, which will automatically log you into Facebook when you start Chrome.

Once you’ve gone to the Facebook home page and gone through the login process, you won’t need to login again for quite some time as Facebook will remember you and keep you logged in.

Do you have any other questions about the Facebook home page or how to login to Facebook through Google? If so, leave a comment below. Enjoy using Facebook and be sure to follow Tech Marketing Buffalo on Facebook. Thanks for reading!


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