Facebook messages are harder to delete than you would think. Learn how to delete all your messages on the new Facebook 2013 platform. If you open your list of messages (messages > see all) you will notice there is a little x next to each message. If you click this x you will archive all the messages from that person, but they will reappear next time that person sends you a message.

If you want to permanently delete messages you have to click on the person’s name to pull up the set of messages between you and that individual. Then click on Actions, and click Delete Messages. Next little boxes will appear next to every message and you have to go through and check all the boxes of the messages you would like deleted. Alternatively, you can select Actions > Delete Conversation and it will delete all the messages from that person. You still have to go through and do this for every individual you have had a conversation with though.

Using Chrome, you can delete every single message with one click.

1. Go to this site: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/facebook-fast-delete-mess/klmpnhheahecaojonebajllddfhpilan

facebook delete all messages

2. Click the button at the top right that says “Add to Chrome”

3. After this program is installed, reopen your Facebook page and go to messages.

4. You will now see new buttons. One will say “Delete All” at the top, so that is self-explanatory. There will also be new x’s to the right of the x’s that were originally there for each conversation. The new x’s will allow you to delete an entire conversation with an individual rather than just archiving it.

2013 delete all messages facebook


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