Clash of Clans for PC | Download & Play on Computer

Play Clash of Clans for PC with this free computer download trick.  You won’t need to buy anything and this method has been tested thousands of times. Clash of Clans creators haven’t built a PC or Mac version for your computer, but luckily, there are easy work arounds.

Remember when you were a kid and you had fun wrestling and playing war with your siblings and friends? Yes? No? Either way, you can be a kid again when playing this app. It’s like playing GI Joes but more fun and more lively. Thankfully, using the tip below you can now play the game at home, on your couch while relaxing and enjoying the evening.

Follow the guide below to get Clash of Clans for PC or any other device you want. Doesn’t matter what operating system or what device, everyone can play Clash of Clans.

Clash of Clans for PC Computer

A ton of people want to play Clash of Clans for PC or computer, but unfortunately the Clash of Clans parent company has not made a version that works with your computer. With the steps below, you’ll be playing Clash of Clans in about 10 minutes without having to buy any programs.

Clash of Clans PC Download

The best Clash of Clans PC download is going to be through an Android emulator, of which, BlueStacks is the one I recommend. Basically, BlueStacks is a program for your Mac or PC that tricks your computer into looking like an Android device. Therefore, you can download apps to your PC and play them on your computer all you want.

BlueStacks is one of many Android emulators but is probably the most popular, feel free to try others if you don’t like BlueStacks. One reason I like BlueStacks is because it’s been tried and tested with thousands of computers and gets great reviews.

Clash of Clans on PC Install

The Clash of Clans on PC install steps are as follows:

  • Download and install BlueStacks on your PC or Mac.
  • Once installed, open BlueStacks and click on the search icon at the top.
  • Search for Clash of Clans, and click install/download on the Clash of Clans icon.
  • That’s it! Now you can use Clash of Clans for PC through BlueStacks

Clash of Clans for Mac

Clash of Clans for Mac is the same as for PC, simply download BlueStacks as noted above. BlueStacks is compatible with both Mac and PC computers, so there’s no need to do anything different. It should work the same on both.

Play Clash of Clans on PC


Note that BlueStacks and any Android emulator are not the real device. Therefore there may be some bugs when you go to play Clash of Clans on PC or Mac. However, there shouldn’t be anything too substantial in terms of bugs. Especially if you use BlueStacks, you should be fine, as it’s been tested a ton.

Clash of Clans on computer

The Android emulator is currently the only way to get Clash of Clans on computer. Luckily, though, it doesn’t matter what computer you’re on, as long as it has enough memory, RAM, and a good enough graphics card to run an emulator and Clash of Clans.

Clash of Clans PC version

There is no current Clash of Clans PC version as Supercell, the parent company of Clash of Clans has not built it yet. I’d imagine in the future they will look into creating a Clash of Clans for PC.

Clash of Clans online PC

There is currently no Clash of Clans online PC version, you must download the app on your mobile device or go through the emulator guide I noted above.

In summary, Clash of Clans is a game that is made for and maintained as a game for smartphones. There are plenty of other strategy games for PC that the game makers probably want to avoid. So they created Clash of Clans as one of the best strategy games for smartphones and there is not much competition for that title as opposed to PC games where the industry and genre is already pretty condensed. There is no real direct way to play it on a PC or a Mac.

However, if you want to take the short time to obtain BlueStacks and download the software that will enable you to play Clash of Clans and all your other apps on your computer then that should be the best way, for now, to go. Maybe one day, they will open the game up for playing online or on PC. It seems a bit far off as Supercell has been focusing primarily on creating new apps to play that are somewhat similar, called Hay Day and recently released Boom Beach.

Have any other Clash of Clans for PC tips? Have you tried to download Clash of Clans for Mac or computer, if so, were you able to play the app without any bugs? Let us know below!


    guys would u help me i am not able to play clash of clans game which is online game and when i install a popbox comes that there is a problem praising these package guys please help me

  • playblr

    Clash of clans is on of the most famous games on iOS right now. I will recommend to try it for PC

  • shariq

    VISHVESH download it in playstore in play store laptop/computer/phone/
    thats how :D

  • DJ

    doesnt work for me on mac any tips.

  • Agilan

    whenever I try to type n the the box it says market search not found

    • milad1998

      type something else & when google play started,search for clash of clans in the searchs area

  • Alcatraz#.

    i really installed bleustacks…but when i search for the game it says : your device isn’t compatible with this version !!! Plz help !

    • Trevor Nace

      Not sure why BlueStacks isn’t working. Check their support page or ask in a forum. Make sure you have the latest BlueStacks version to get Clash of Clans on your PC.

  • qazaqwert

    i got blue stacks and downloaded clash ofclans but every time i load it up i get the sounds but a black screen plz help

    • Trevor Nace

      You may need to check whether your graphics card is compatible with BlueStacks

    • Sahar Zahra

      me to

      • milad1998

        just wait for 2 mins maybe it start

    • dylan

      i donno what that is it could be that u dont have enough memory on your pc to launch the application if not i donno what

  • Rilo

    were do you download blue stacks i cant find it anywere on the page please help

    • Trevor Nace

      The BlueStacks link is on the page.

  • Anonymous

    Will online capabilities still be available if we use BlueStacks?

    • milad1998


  • Ailish

    i am not able to download bluestacks as whenever i try the error thing comes up and says it couldnt recognize ur graphics card. WHAT TO DO???

    • Nova

      U get a better graphics card.

  • bosss

    blue stacks works but when i try to install clash of clans it says not compatiable how to i fix that. i have latest 2013 Mac Pro retina

  • bosss

    I also have latest version bluestacks

  • Jeremy Lagatule

    Awesome, thanks for the information! Now maybe I can play Clash of Clans with my son :)

  • Mahdi Ghiasi can i link a device with google account on blue stacks?

    • dylan

      i think u need another google account on ur computer a seperate one to the one on your phone or tablet!!

  • Mahdi Ghiasi

    i want to link a device with clash of clans on blue stacks please help me>

    • Christopher angelo

      Setting, Link a device, Other device and follow the instruction


    When I type Clash of Clans it just shows up with no results


    • cj

      u have i phone or ANDROID

  • sanjit

    I want to download clash of clans with reliance network broadband how can I do it bluestacks jus stucks on the loading screen

  • sanjit

    I have win 8 pc

  • steven

    how do you download clash of clans on samsung computer and is it a virus

  • steven

    Where do in download clash of clans on computer

  • Kasra

    I can’t link a device. It says that I should have Google Play Services but when I install it, it doesn’t work. Please help,

    • Trevor Nace

      You need to register with Google Play first.

  • cj


  • Era

    when i try to install bluestacks, it says that this application requires at least 2 GB of physical memory. what should i do?

  • Taylor Landlord

    Bluestacks nor Clash will open, it continuously initializes it is stuck on that screen, I’ve downloaded the required apps that it asks you to in order to continue playing free apps, can anyone tell why it is doing this or help me resolve my problem?

  • Marco Sanvictores

    i tried blue stack it said can’t deliver package

  • Justin S

    Much appreciated. Thanks!

  • Justin S

    Thanks! We’ve been active since summer 2013. Keep reading!

  • Justin S

    Thank you!