Best Social Media Infographics [Stunning + Informational]

With the exponential rise in social media popularity, infographics are one of the best ways to put into context just how incredible they are.  Below is a curated list of the most stunning and informational infographics out there to date.

An infographic is a visual representation of information, data, statistics and just about anything else you want to convey. Typically they exhibit statistics, from demographics, to epidemiology, to social information. An infographic is a perfect way to share and convey information.

If you like the idea of creating an image to tell your story but aren’t sure how, it’s easy to do and there are great tools to let you create your very own. If you’re launching a new product or just did some interesting research on a topic make sure you turn it into a graphic to help it go viral and share it with friends!

I’ve combed through hundreds of infographics to find the absolute best. What do you think, anything surprise you?

 The Path To 10 Billion Tweets

Four years and 10,000,000,000 tweets, incredible feat for any company. Truly astounding how exponential social media platforms can grow. Imagine what Twitter will look like in 10 years, a short time frame in most businesses, but with such an incredible start you can guarantee the social media world will look quite different a decade from now!

Twitter infographic popularity growth

State of B2B Social Media 2013 

Amazingly almost two thirds of businesses have no social media strategy! Also surprising that Twitter is the most commonly used, maybe due to the ease of use, send out a quick sentence or two and interact with others.

Infographic State of B2B Social Media

Social Media Personalities

I’m sure we all have friends who are in each category. Which one are you?

infographic new breed social media personalities

Social Media Dominance Around The World 

How many of the social media networks below are you on? Is your business capitalizing on all of them? Could it be? Interesting food for thought.infographic world map social media popularity

Inside The Political Twittersphere

Twitter is extensively used by politicians to broadcast messages and interact with others. You can see that there are certain politicians that are controlling more of the twittersphere than others.

infographic political twitter connectivity

Every 60 Seconds

We are busy little bees. Which stat surprises you the most? I’m amazed at how many domains are registered every minute. Tons of competition from anyone with a computer  and internet connection anywhere around the world.

infographic how often people interact online

Social Media: Languages and Countries

Didn’t realize how big Brazil was on Facebook and Twitter.  Anything surprise you here?

infographic social media country population