10 Best Food Blogs of 2013

What I look for in food blogs is a combination of the best creativity, interesting concepts and kitchen tested.  Below you will find an array of the cooking blogs taking the lead in 2013.  They cover everything from gluten free to paleo to vegetarian.  Many of these blogs publish regularly, providing you with new recipe ideas and sparking your culinary creativity. What are your favorite sources of recipes?

One thing to keep in mind when reading through these food or cooking blogs is to figure out your own style of cooking and whether you like quick and cheap meals, expensive and extravagant, or recipes that let you experiment with various new types of foods. Everyone is a chef in some sense and it’s good to get an idea for why you’re a chef.

From making cooking a vegan meal, to a bowl of cereal, to cooking a 4 course Thanksgiving dinner, you’re cultivating the art of culinary creating, granted in very different senses of the term. Find your style and hone in on that, that way you won’t ever feel like cooking or baking is a chore and it will be exciting to share your creations with friends and family.

Blue Kitchen

Great variety of recipes ranging from varied ethnic inspirations, tho I cannot say what heritage inspired the Mustard-Maple Glazed Brussels Sprout with Bacon. Sounds intriguing. This recipe blog includes, Asian, Italian, Mexican, Jewish, Indian, Southwest, French with a touch of inspiration from the outer galaxies.

blue kitchen

Cooking with Mr. C

John Contratti offers recipes as well as a variety of celebrity photos.  I prefer to skip the photos and get to the recipes, especially since there does not seems to be a tie between the two.  There is a section on the blog called “categories” where you can get to the meat of it.

cooking with mr c


Spoon Fork Bacon

Recipe index reads like food porn.  From Beer Battered Fried Olives to Fig Hazelnut & Ricotta Crostinis each description leads to salivation and drooling. Salted Caramel and Candied Bacon Ice Cream clearly crosses all lines of conventionality, but sounds intriguing.  Take a look and see what you would never have thought of in a hundred years.

spoon fork bacon


The recipes in this blog are varied and inspired from her native India.  The only confusing part is some of the recipes are in grams.  You would need to convert the amounts to traditional cups and teaspoons before shopping for or attempting to make the food.  However, Chocolate Bark with honey roasted almonds, macadamia nuts, cranberries, lightly salted pistachios, dried apricots, cashews, pecan nuts and white chocolate chips would certainly make the conversions worthwhile.


Smitten Kitchen

Decadent aptly describes this blog. The Chocolate-Hazelnut Macaroon Torte  not only looks amazing, but is Kosher for Passover and gluten free.  Got all the bases covered.  Recipes in ethnic categories:  Greek, Italian, Jewish, Russian, Tex-Mex, Vietnamese, etc.


101 Cookbooks

After collecting 100 cookbooks, Heidi Swanson decided to actually start making the recipes she had on the shelf instead of resorting to her tride and true repertoire.  The index is by category as well main ingredient making it easy to navigate.  As you can imagine, it covers food from A-Z.


Civilized Caveman

Having a whole section on crock pot cooking certainly makes this blog unique.  I love the section called Paleo Pantry where he outlines the supplies needed for food preparation.  It’s a long list for a beginner, but as the years go by, you will probably already have many of the items.  The list of spices and canned items is a great place for a young cook to start.

civilized caveman cooking

Gluten Free Life

Is there life after being diagnosed with a gluten sensitivity?  Absolutely! Even the grocery stores now carry gluten-free products as well as gluten-free baking mixes (read wheat flour substitutes).  The products seem to come out a little lighter than their wheat counterparts, but maybe that’s a good thing.  This recipe blog helps to transition people to a new way of thinking and cooking and for the long time gluten-free cook, it offers great ideas and new recipes.

gluten free life


Does vegetarian have to equal boring and flavorless?  Not on this food blog.  From complete vegetarian Thanksgiving menus to Sabich-an Iraqui Jewish Eggplant Sandwich, to Crepes with Sage-Roasted French Plums, Yoghurt and Honey, this blog is sure to delight and inspire even non-vegetarians.


Featured image credit: Heroic Beer from Fukui

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    I’m starting a food blog…what should I do to make it awesome and get people excited?

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    I love the photos on John Contratti’s “Cooking With Mr. C”. The combo of food and celebrity is very appealing. It’s what brings me back over and over again. David L.

    • Renee

      I so get the celebrity aspect of John Contratti’s wonderful cooking blog. The gentleman scored a big audience of followers when he cooked on Hallmark Channel’s Mad Hungry With Lucinda Scala Quinn. Filming a show that was produced by Martha Stewart (I think we have all heard of her) was a “coup” many would want to achieve. For those of us who take the time to look through the entire blog, we can see his many followers love the celebrity photos just as much as the delicious recipes. He’s the guy to keep an eye on. Thanks for recognizing him. Renee

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    Thanks for acknowledging John Contratt’s “Cooking With Mr. C.”. It’s the best cooking blog. My family and friends are all followers.

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    Love the selection of blogs. I checked out Cooking With Mr. C. For someone who loves film, theatre, etc and food, I already signed up to receive all of his posts. Only Delicious Recipes looks good also.

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    It was great to see “Cooking With Mr. C” on the Top 10 List. I don’t understand what the author doesn’t get. People enjoy getting together and cooking or even going out to dinner to wonderful restaurants. Sometimes these dinners happen after seeing a play or going to the movies. What do many people talk about over food? They talk about celebrities, movies, theatre, pop culture, television and entertainment related topics. So it’s a “no brainer” that Mr. Contratti has tied in food and entertainment into his “Outstanding” Blog. It’s super to see him on the list. Thanks for putting him there. Natalie from NJ

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    John Contratti’s cooking blog appeals to everyone. The celebrity photos are a very good hook and along with his delicious recipes, he has attracted many people to his site. Go Mr. C!

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    Cooking With Mr. C’s logo is “QUICK AND EASY RECIPES…AND LOTS MORE. The “LOTS MORE” is the celebrity photos, which I know many followers love to see. He’s got the best recipes out there and he is becoming very popular. (Apparently he’s always been popular in the “celebrity” community. ) His peanut butter and jelly cookies are unbelievable. I highly recommend them.

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    Mr. Contratti’s “Cooking With Mr. C’ has inspired me to cook and is very exciting to look at. Top 10 status is so deserved.

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    So wonderful to see “Cooking With Mr. C.” on the list. It’s the best one I follow.

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    The recipes are so delicious. I especially love the vegetable dishes. The celebrity photos are an added attraction. I love seeing Mr. C. over the years in some of those pictures. It’s cute to see when he was a kid with Matthew Broderick, Rosemary Clooney, etc. I tell everyone to check him out. Kids may want their moms to make some of the great cookie recipes.

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    John Contratti’s recipes are simply the best. It’s one of the best “cooking blogs” out there today. I’ve been following him ever since he filmed “Mad Hungry”.

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    John Contratti is becoming pretty popular. I’ve been reading plenty about him. I’ve been a fan since “Mad Hungry”.

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    Like so many us, I discovered John Contratti on “Mad Hungry with Lucinda Scala Quinn” on the Hallmark Channel. He certainly has the coolest cooking website around. Hopefully him and Ms. Quinn are already planning more cooking together.

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    John Contratti’s “Cooking With Mr. C.” is loved by many. I make many of his recipes weekly. So nice to see him on here.

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    John Contratti gets what most people want to cook. He also gets our culture that loves “celebrity”. It’s my favorite blog out there. All of the recipes are very good.

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    The reason why so many people follow “Cooking With Mr. C.” is because he speaks to everyday people. He provides a simple, delicious recipe with an appealing photo. People have such busy schedules. I look at all other blogs that try to be so “fancy” with so many things on the sides that I have no time for. As for the celebrity photos, they’re cute. The man knows what most people enjoy.

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