10 Absolute Best Business Blogs To Follow

Whether you casually skim through or intensely follow business blogs, you should certainly check out the best business blogs below. There are many different types of business blogs, from those that focus on financial aspects of companies, to leading technology developed by businesses.

You will also find blogs that focus and are geared toward people who are forming their own company and want advice. You can find a wide array of topics from entrepreneurs to marketing and sales to business strategy. Many of these blogs are by successful business men/women in their own rights and have a ton of great information to share with their blog readers. Enjoy!

If you’re someone who is starting their own company, it’s important to read about the industry you’re getting into. Make sure to keep up on all of the business trends and where your competitors putting their time and money in. It’s important to stay afloat on the up to date news within your industry and your competitors.

Quorahttps://www.quora.com – Quora is a site you really shouldn’t miss if you are starting up your own company. This blog site is in Q&A format and real experts in the field take the time to answer the questions that so many entrepreneurs wonder about. It has excellent advice. You have to sign up to view the posts.

Chris Broganhttp://www.chrisbrogan.com – Chris Brogan’s blog provides information on new marketing, sales and business techniques. He focuses on people being in control of their lives and setting their own career paths. Chris Brogan offers weekly emails to provide you with the news, advice and inspiration you need each week. He also offers podcasts that are worthwhile.

business blogs best to follow

Un-Marketinghttp://www.unmarketing.com – Scott Stratten is a business and marketing expert. He wrote the book UnMarketing: Stop Marketing. Start Engaging, which is a best seller and was named one of the top business books of the year.  He has recently released a second book that is also a best seller. He focuses on gaining clients’ trust and engaging people to expand your business.

Brazen Lifehttp://blog.brazencareerist.com – This is an awesome blog that gives great business advice for those working for companies or starting up a business on their own. The blog covers a variety of topics including job search, social media utilization, advice for succeeding at your job, entrepreneurship, lifestyle design, and career growth. The advice given will help just about anybody in the work force. It focuses more on young women but really is great for everyone.

Seth Godin’s Bloghttp://sethgodin.typepad.com – Seth Godin has written 12 best selling books. He is a business expert and uses his blog to post quick articles about the business world, social media, changes in the world, etc. His articles are generally short but are very thought provoking and leave you thinking about larger issues.

Confounded Interesthttp://confoundedinterest.wordpress.com – This blog is written by Anthony Sanders who is a professor at George Mason University. Sanders teaches both finance and real estate. His blog offers the latest news, data and commentary on the housing market and economy.

LinkedIn Todayhttp://www.linkedin.com/today/ – LinkedIn Today uses your linked in profile to gather articles relevant to your field. This is really helpful for keeping up with the latest business and entrepreneur news. They also allow you to follow any of the topics you are interested in, such as marketing strategies.

Global Copywritinghttp://globalcopywriting.com/blog/?url=/blog – This is an Australian blog that focuses on copywriting and content marketing. She provides information to the reader based on her expertise in sales, writing and technical details. The original purpose of the blog was to provide professional writing services but it has expanded from there.

Liz Strauss at Successful Bloghttp://www.successful-blog.com – Liz Strauss writes about business and social web strategies. She is known for her ability to make long lasting personal connections and her blog focuses a lot on relationship building as an important part of business.

The Sales Lionhttp://www.thesaleslion.com – This blog focuses on inbound and content marketing. The blog creates a community of passionate people all eager to learn together. The website offers blog posts as well as other services to assist with business and marketing. The writers on this blog write from experience, which makes the writing personal and helps readers relate.

Any other sites that you like to visit but aren’t listed above? Let us know so the readers can check them out. Remember to always read and surround yourself with those who you admire and have similar goals in life.